Blackstone Homes is able to supply affordable housing to all communities throughout the Northwest Territories via all access road, winter road, ferries or barges. We strive to use the most economical method of transport while maintaining quality and secure transport of our homes.

We provide set-up (turn-key) for our homes including skirting, decks, blocking, water and septic tanks (self-contained) or connections for municipal services. We are also able to provide screw jacks for increased stability and ease of levelling the home. Steel pilings (screw piles or drive piles) are also an option we can provide. Gravel pads with culverts can be arranged by Blackstone Homes if you prefer. See our photo gallery for more detailed description and photos.

Blackstone Homes has years of experience in the field of manufactured homes and construction and is capable of supplying, delivering and setting up homes in Northern communities despite the challenges and limitations experienced in the North.

We choose to sell only homes built by Triple M Housing as we believe in their superior quality and warranty program. Triple M Housing also builds in a climate controlled environment using system-built assembly line efficiency. Additional framing, lumber for structural strength, and steel strapping is used to fasten components together to ensure structural stability during transport. The structure of the home is designed to withstand snow loads for the delivery location and is rated to meet EGH-80 energy efficiency standards.